Spring Renewal for the Self

  Most of us are well acquainted with the term "spring cleaning".  It brings to mind an array of  chores. Although  I'm definitely a minimalist who likes a clean (fine, near sterile) living space,  I firmly believe  inanimate objects play second string to personal  care. In other words,  we as human beings, should come before… Continue reading Spring Renewal for the Self

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This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

I grew up an artistic introvert in an avid sports town.  People would go ballistic on game days. Sometimes this meant I'd witness our local team's more intense fans driving past our house, shirtless with their car windows down in 20 degree weather, their upper bodies covered only by paint reflecting their team's colors. They'd… Continue reading This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

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Tomato Bisque, and a Love Letter (to Our Vitamix)…

Every vegetarian should have a Vitamix. Scratch that. Everyone should have a Vitamix, especially vegetarians. I'd always wanted one as a kid, but somewhere along the lines had forgotten all about it until I noticed  it on sale in Costco. They had a Vitamix representative making various recipes and giving out samples to the customers.… Continue reading Tomato Bisque, and a Love Letter (to Our Vitamix)…