6 Steps to Early Bird Status

     I've always been a night owl; being a dance teacher has allowed me to embrace my moon child nature. Even when I taught 30 hours, my mornings were  open. When I signed up for beauty school. This meant exploring a childhood passion; it also meant waking almost two hours earlier than normal, at… Continue reading 6 Steps to Early Bird Status

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Essential Feature: Peppermint

   Essential oils are more than just natural fragrances. Did you know essential oils may be used for emotional support, to ease physical ailments, and provide delicious flavor to an array of recipes? Today, my blogging buddy Naty and I  are joining forces to provide you with a few simple recipes for body, mind, and… Continue reading Essential Feature: Peppermint


Spring Renewal for the Self

  Most of us are well acquainted with the term "spring cleaning".  It brings to mind an array of  chores. Although  I'm definitely a minimalist who likes a clean (fine, near sterile) living space,  I firmly believe  inanimate objects play second string to personal  care. In other words,  we as human beings, should come before… Continue reading Spring Renewal for the Self


5 Practices to Brighten a Stormy Mood

It's wise having a few go to practices to maintain inner peace. If something is bothering you, or your  energy has been drained by your  environment, recharging and rejuvenation are essential. These are some of my favorite practices. I find a well nurtured body and mind better enable me to explore what's going on inside.… Continue reading 5 Practices to Brighten a Stormy Mood


Dangerous Illusions: The Dark Side of Denial

" What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." is nothing more than a trite saying. Often what doesn't kill someone weakens them tremendously, and results in the development of various issues and complexes. A person may be breathing, but feel completely dead inside. One who has been through certain things may be hardened or have… Continue reading Dangerous Illusions: The Dark Side of Denial