Spring Renewal for the Self

  Most of us are well acquainted with the term "spring cleaning".  It brings to mind an array of  chores. Although  I'm definitely a minimalist who likes a clean (fine, near sterile) living space,  I firmly believe  inanimate objects play second string to personal  care. In other words,  we as human beings, should come before… Continue reading Spring Renewal for the Self

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This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

I grew up an artistic introvert in an avid sports town.  People would go ballistic on game days. Sometimes this meant I'd witness our local team's more intense fans driving past our house, shirtless with their car windows down in 20 degree weather, their upper bodies covered only by paint reflecting their team's colors. They'd… Continue reading This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

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Five Fabulous Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing…

I consider myself somewhat of a lipstick connoisseur; I've been collecting the stuff since I was about nine, and it's just as fun today as it was back then. I look for lip color that's moisturizing, without heaviness, and never sticky, or chalky. Over the years, I've purchased and returned many brands of lipstick. Either… Continue reading Five Fabulous Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing…

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Peaches and Cream: Three Masks for a Magnificent Complexion

Dry skin? Dull skin? Breakouts? Whatever the issue there's often an antidote in the kitchen.  Experience has taught me that better skin comes from the inside out; dietary changes have helped my skin drastically over the years (stay tuned for a post on this).  However, it's also important to care for our skin topically. This… Continue reading Peaches and Cream: Three Masks for a Magnificent Complexion

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I Tried it: Ditching Shampoo

"Your hair is so healthy; I can tell you use professional products." Needless to say, my then-new hairdresser was shocked when I responded by telling her I didn't use hair products at all. My healthy and shiny locks were the result of  soap, apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and the occasional homemade treatment. For as… Continue reading I Tried it: Ditching Shampoo