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This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

I grew up an artistic introvert in an avid sports town.  People would go ballistic on game days. Sometimes this meant I'd witness our local team's more intense fans driving past our house, shirtless with their car windows down in 20 degree weather, their upper bodies covered only by paint reflecting their team's colors. They'd… Continue reading This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

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Finding Balanced Boundaries

In many instances,  I've found myself at the receiving end of conversations that go something like this,"(Enter name) treats me terribly. I have crushing anxiety when I have to be around her!" When I inquire if there's an actual reason they have to be around this person, and ask if they've ever confronted the situation,… Continue reading Finding Balanced Boundaries


Pancakes for the Plant Based (Or anyone, really!)

In my world, pancakes are appropriate fare for any meal including dessert. The downside is that most pancakes are loaded with oil and sugar, but low on nutritional value, fiber, and protein. Most pancakes zap my energy and leave me hungry an hour later in spite of their high caloric content. I created this recipe… Continue reading Pancakes for the Plant Based (Or anyone, really!)

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DIY Bath and Beauty: Hand and Body Wash

If you have super sensitive skin, do it yourself (DIY) products can be a life saver. I started out making soaps, and I now have an array of products I like to make at home. Today's project was hand and body wash. For this project you will need the following: * 8oz. foam pump bottle… Continue reading DIY Bath and Beauty: Hand and Body Wash


Dangerous Illusions: The Dark Side of Denial

" What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." is nothing more than a trite saying. Often what doesn't kill someone weakens them tremendously, and results in the development of various issues and complexes. A person may be breathing, but feel completely dead inside. One who has been through certain things may be hardened or have… Continue reading Dangerous Illusions: The Dark Side of Denial


In Defense of Dirty Hands

I suppose it's oftentimes true  that opposites attract. I have always been artistic, without an academic bone in my body, whereas my husband spent the entirety of his schooling as an advanced placement student. When we met he was  student in an engineering program. After two semesters of boredom and misery he said to me,"I… Continue reading In Defense of Dirty Hands