Five Fabulous Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing…

Source: Five Fabulous Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing…

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Five Fabulous Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing…

I consider myself somewhat of a lipstick connoisseur; I’ve been collecting the stuff since I was about nine, and it’s just as fun today as it was back then. I look for lip color that’s moisturizing, without heaviness, and never sticky, or chalky. Over the years, I’ve purchased and returned many brands of lipstick. Either they came off within an hour, felt gritty, tacky or greasy, or dried my lips.

One thing I’ve discovered, when a lipstick’s ingredient list begins with something unpronpuncable I’m usually displeased with it. You’ll notice every lip color featured here is naturally based.

The lip tints below were chosen as much for their texture and staying power as for their colors. In addition, all are $15 and under. If you don’t see your favorite color on this list, be sure to check out each lines full palette online or at your local store.

Here they are, my top five fabulous lipsticks:

5. Mary Kay Creme Lipstick -Whipped Berries ($15) mary-kay-creme-lipstick-whipped-berries

Mary Kay’s Creme Lipstick  is the absolute best full color lipstick I’ve experienced. It’s highly pigmented, moisturizing, feels silky on my lips, and lasts about four hours between applications. Whipped berries is deep berry shade that flatters fair complexions.

4. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer-Fig ($5.99)


After trying Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, I wore nothing else for years. This wonderful peppermint infused lip balm/lipstick hybrid still remains my absolute favorite. Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer is a  triple-treat offering moisturizing protection, color, and aromatherapy all in one little tube.

3. Badger Balm Lip Tint and Shimmer-Copper ($5.99)


Everyone should have a copper shade to warm up their complexion. I found this hidden gem on the bottom shelf of the cosmetics section at Sprouts. Badger Balm’s Copper is super moisturizing, the color and moisture last for several hours. What’s more, it’s double sided there’s a sheer shimmer which can be worn alone or in combination with the copper to lighten the shade. As if thay weren’t enough, the cocoa butter in Badger Balm’s Lip Tint and Shimmer gives it a chocolate-y scent and flavor. I’ve featured copper here, but have every shade, and love them all.

2. Mineral Fusion Lip Butter-Blackberry ($11.00)


This is somewhat of a lip stain. It’s lighter in texture, and I like to pair it with my favorite lip balm. The color is sheer, strong, and looks like you ate blackberries. Mineral Fusion Lip Butter in Blackberry would suit most complexions.

1. Everyday Minerals Lip Shimmer-Adorn ($6.00)


Everyday Minerals is incredibly creamy and long lasting with a light citrus scent. Adorn is a warm pink shade that reminds me of  glistening rose petals.

From left to right: Mary Kay Creme Lipstick: Whipped Berries, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer: Fig, Badger Balm Lip Shimmer: Copper, Mineral Fusion Lip Butter: Blackberry, Everyday Minerals Lip Shimmer: Adorn.

Which one will you try? What are your favorite lipsticks?

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Tomato Bisque, and a Love Letter (to Our Vitamix)…

Every vegetarian should have a Vitamix. Scratch that. Everyone should have a Vitamix, especially vegetarians.

I’d always wanted one as a kid, but somewhere along the lines had forgotten all about it until I noticed  it on sale in Costco. They had a Vitamix representative making various recipes and giving out samples to the customers. After he’d  fed me homemade tortilla soup followed by banana ice cream, both of which were prepared right in the blender, I  decided the Vitamix was a must have!

Shortly thereafter, my parents called to tell me they were getting us a Vitamix for Christmas.  You’d have thought I’d won the lottery. “Oh my God, really?!” I exclaimed. My husband expressed appreciation, but mainly saw it as a gift for me. Little did he know he’d soon find himself swept up by the magic of the Vitamix (by which I mean he’d frequently  be making smoothies with it)!

As soon as the check they sent arrived, I cashed it and headed to Costco to pick up our Vitamix. During this time I may or may not have taken pictures of it in the cart as if it were a newborn baby.

The first thing I made was soup (of course). I adapted this recipe from one I found online a while back, turning  it into whole foods, non-dairy recipe. This soup is quite filling, especially when served with a bit of bread on the side.


Tomato Bisque (makes two servings, but can easily be doubled)

7 small Greenhouse Tomatoes
1/2 small onion
1c water
2 tbs. Cashews ( raw and unsalted- if you only  have salted just don’t add the salt below.)
2 cloves Garlic
1 tsp. Oregano

3/4  tsp Salt
Lemon Pepper

Place into your blender: the tomatoes, onion, water, cashews, garlic, oregano, and salt.

Turn the blender up to its highest setting.

Blend for five minutes  (remember we’re creaming the cashews and cooking the soup right in the blender). During this time, the color of the soup will deepen as the tomatoes cook.

Carefully remove the lid. The soup will be steaming.

Pour into two soup cups, add lemon pepper and chives to taste. Serve with a warm baguette.


Under the Ink

When I was twenty I got permission from my mother to get a small tattoo.  As the years passed one tattoo became six, and I became the most heavily tattooed woman in my family.

I must have been naive, as I never imagined some of the rude comments my small collection of flower tattoos would invite. “Did you get those in prison? I thought you were a nice girl. You know what I think when I see tattoos? Loose woman.” For the record, I’ve yet to serve time, I’m pretty nice, and have never been promiscuous. Those experiences ,while insulting, taught me not to judge harshly without knowing someone’s story. Those who made such comments surely didn’t know mine.

It was during the long aftermath of a childhood trauma that I started  getting tattoos.   I  wanted people to look at my tattoos, not me. I wanted to appear tough; tough people always had tattoos. I wanted to be covered in the likeness of flowers to associate myself with something pure,beautiful,and whole, because often I felt anything but.

Unfortunately, my tattoos did nothing more than induce a temporary high.  So much inside me remained broken until I reached out, surveyed the damage, and began the healing process.

I’m presently in the chapter of my story where I wish more than ever to erase my tattoos. They don’t reflect the progress, growth, or healing I’ve accomplished. My tattoos  serve as reminders of my former state of mind. Each time I walked into a tattoo shop, I did so from a place of pain. 

Perhaps that’s  the worst part about my tattoos, they’ve left me branded with pieces of my past of which I’m  no longer associated. When I see them, I remember a version of myself who was hurt, damaged, and filled with anger.  I see denial, fear, a young woman who had little  hope for her future, and struggled  to  love and accept love. I hear a young girl saying,”I’m not ruined; I’m still good.”  I’ve evolved from that person. It’s he who would hurt another without reason who’s inherently flawed;  it’s never the fault of the one who was harmed.

For the past 19 years, I’ve taken  pride in looking after my well-being with natural foods and other self-care practices. The fact  that I defaced my body feels out of line with who I am, and who I aspire to be.

I have nothing against body art. I’m  in  awe of artists who use their talents to cover scars, restoring physical  beauty to people’s damaged parts. In such cases, I’d strongly encourage someone to consider a tattoo. Tattoos,however, are incapable of fixing inner turmoil.

Although I regret my tattoos, flowers will always maintain a certain significance in my life. When nurtured correctly, even those flowers that have been crushed, will rise again as if unspoiled by the past.

I’m unsure what I’m going to do about these tattoos.  Will I get them lasered away,constantly cover them with clothing, or allow them to serve as a reminder of  the contrast between the broken child I once was, and the renewed woman I’m slowly becoming? Only time will tell. What’s most important is that under the ink, now exists a person who’s realized her worth was never lost.

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Peaches and Cream: Three Masks for a Magnificent Complexion

Dry skin? Dull skin? Breakouts? Whatever the issue there’s often an antidote in the kitchen.  Experience has taught me that better skin comes from the inside out; dietary changes have helped my skin drastically over the years (stay tuned for a post on this).  However, it’s also important to care for our skin topically. This is where my favorite homemade masks come in.


Many ingredients others seem to use without consequence have caused me to experience eczema, dryness, and serious breakouts. These ingredients include detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate, coconut oil, tea tree oil, preservatives, and the list goes on! Given the fact that these three  masks have been so good to my super sensitive skin,  I feel confident just about anyone will benefit from using them without fear of a bad reaction. That said, I do recommended a patch test.

This brush from Everyday Minerals is perfect for applying facial masks.

Each of the masks are yogurt based. Why? Yogurt is very moisturizing without being greasy or oily. Yogurt  also contains lactic acid which aids in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, revealing a brighter, fresher, and clearer complexion. I recommend drier complexions use a full fat yogurt for extra moisture. I prefer greek yogurt because it’s extra thick and stays put during the treatment.

Here are a few tips before we get started:

1.To avoid masks getting into your hair wear a headband around your hairline.

2.  Masks should be applied after cleansing  to clean skin  that’s free of makeup or other products. You may apply the mask with your fingers, but I recommend a brush; it’s less messy and feels better going on.

3. I recommend using a mask once per week.

4. Unless showering immediately afterward, be sure to thoroughly remove your mask with a wet washcloth or sponge.

5. The measurements below are enough for one use. These recipes may be doubled or tripled for use  on elbows, knees, or anywhere my skin could use some extra TLC.

Here they are, my favorite homemade masks:

*Moisturizing Mask*
1 tbs. Plain Whole Milk Yogurt
1 tbs.Avocado

This is a great mask for mature skin, or a complexion that’s going through a dry spell. The yogurt dissolves dead skin cells, the honey attracts moisture, and the avocado is incredibly moisturizing.  To prepare this  mask mix pureed or smashed avocado with the yogurt and honey, and apply the mixture to clean skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

*Tropical  Brightening  Mask*
1 tbs. Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tbs. Pineapple

Who doesn’t love pineapples? When we visited Hawaii, I found myself eating pineapples nearly every day of our trip, often in the form of  Dole Whip!

I’ve always loved the way eating  fresh pineapple made my lips feel, extra soft and smooth. This is where I first got the idea to make a pineapple  mask.  Why does this smoothing action happen? Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that dissolves dead skin! Bromelain, when taken internally is anti-inflammatory, and excellent for our joints, so be sure to eat the leftover pineapple when making this recipe.

This  mask is brightening because of the  dual exfoliating action the pineapple enzymes alongside the yogurt’s lactic acid. To prepare this mask crush or puree the pineapple and mix it with the yogurt. Apply the mixture to clean skin, and leave it on for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly.

*Breakout Banishing Mask*
1 tbs. Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tbs. Lemon Juice

This mask is my favorite home  breakout treatment. I love that I can prepare it right in the kitchen. Lemon’s astringent action makes this mask  ideal for oily complexions and those who suffer from breakouts. If your skin tends to be drier, use whole milk yogurt for extra moisture. Both the lemon and the yogurt are exfoliating. This mask makes an amazing overnight spot treatment for pimples. I dab some over the affected area, cover it with a small band-aid and usually by morning the pimple has improved dramatically. To use this mask simply mix the yogurt and lemon juice, apply the mixture to clean skin, leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Making these masks brings back memories of home facials with my sister,and our cousins.  I hope you’ll try these and enjoy the same complexion enhancing  results I have.