Liar, Liar.


Pictured:  Buddha, also not a fan of deceitfulness! 

This morning, I had to speak an uncomfortable truth, and a question came into my head,”Why can’t you just “Yes.” someone to death, then do as you please without stress?” Shortly thereafter my answer arrived, “It’s because you have a deep sense of integrity, a strong conscience, and hold little respect for those who don’t.”

Have I told occasional half truths, using omission to save feelings? I certainly have! On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve inadverdently offended a few with my candid nature. As I evolve, I’ve been moving toward balance, and I try to go by the guide that asks if statements are true, necessary, and kind.


At the end of the day though, I need to be able to know myself as a person of integrity. Rarely, someone may be offended, but I’m always willing to talk it out. My integrity isn’t limited to interactions with others; it also includes honesty with myself.

To me, there has always been something about those who actively lie and “bs”, that renders them less respectable (True story: As a teen, I once broke up with someone for knowingly lying to me about popcorn being low-fat; let’s just say it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and there is no excuse to lie to a health nut about nutritional values!).



Lack of integrity means one is both disingenuous and cowardly. Insincerity is maybe the most dangerous trait a person can have; it means their existence in their relationships, in the world, is little more than a facade.

People may use many words to describe me, perhaps not all of them will be kind. However, I’m able to rest assured no one of an honest nature has ever been able to refer to me as a lying sack of excrement! As I learn and explore my way through life, I continue to seek ways that enable me to use my strong sense of integrity to my favor.



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