6 Steps to Early Bird Status


   I’ve always been a night owl; being a dance teacher has allowed me to embrace my moon child nature. Even when I taught 30 hours, my mornings were  open. Recently, when I signed up to take a few classes, this meant exploring a childhood passion; it also meant waking almost two hours earlier than normal.

As I began my adjustment,  I realized it was less about the hour I awakened and more about how much rest I’ve allowed myself and my morning practices. I need some serious “me time” in the AM so jumping out of bed in a mad rush wouldn’t be helpful to me or anyone in my life!  Here are some of the ways I like to begin my day. Feel free to adjust  for your needs.


1. First things first: Actually waking up!

 Knowing how much sleep I required was the most important piece in my morning routine. Less than seven hours makes for a very unhappy Serene, so waking up earlier created a definite need for me to get to bed earlier. I made my adjustment in 15 minute increments; it’s been effective. Every three days I awakened 15 min earlier using a pleasant alarm. Naturally, this made me very aware of my bedtime, and within about two weeks I had adjusted .
2.Quiet time…

After awakening, I allow myself at least 10 minutes to get out of bed. What you do with this time is up to you. Popping in a mint and enjoying a morning cuddle *cough,cough, wink*, journaling, mediatation, or simply relaxing are all good options!


3. Move Your Body…

I love opening the day with movement. I spend about 15 minutes doing yoga and meditation. My friend who teaches yoga, shared with me an amazing bedside yoga practice that stretches me from the bottom up. I am loving it.
4.Brushing up on energy…
Dry brushing is a quick and beneficial step to energize yourself in the morning. Learn how here!
5. The care and feeding of a (former) night owl…
A high protein breakfast seems to help me become more focused and grounded. The options are limitless, really. A smoothie, oatmeal with homemade cashew milk, or a bagel with high protein spread are probably the simplest choices. To get you started, here’s one of my favorite smoothie recipes.

6. A Clean Slate…

I  love long showers, so usually my official bathing happens in the evenings. Mornings are for skin care and  freshening up. Using energizing peppermint and orange essential oils  enhances my AM bathing routine;  I feel like I’m at the spa( instead of just taking a whore’s bath at the sink).  Plus, these awesome oils are effective in promoting focus and helping to lift my mood.

From there, I get dressed, brush my hair, apply some lipstick and mascara, and I’m prepared.




   Which awakening routines help you to meet the day?  Share your favorite “me time” practices!


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