5 Oils That Are Essential to Your Medicine Cabinet…


When I first discovered essential oils I started purchasing them mass quantities, and using them undiluted. The end result was alot of returned oils, skin irritations, and wasted money!  After a while I narrowed it down to  a few essential oils that have provided us with the most benefit. While, I do have more than five oils in my collection, these are the oils my family has found to be  of greatest value for everyday uses.  For my fun and simple intro course on on using essential oils, including dilution rates, check out my post: Flower Power 101.

Lavender is the crown jewel of my oil collection. If you want to begin with one oil, I strongly recommend lavender. Lavender is the go to oil for cuts, sunburn, and other skin irritations.  Lavender reduces healing time and lessens discomfort. I recently learned of a study where lavender was helpful for many with migraines. I also love diffusing 3-5 drops at bedtime for relaxation.

Peppermint oil is something we use frequently. When I have a headache, I immediately place a few drops of peppermint in the diffuser, and rub  one drop into my scalp. Peppermint hasn’t worked on  migraines but takes the edge off while waiting for your medicine to kick in.  Since discovering peppermint, I have never  taken medicine for a high fever, instead we apply diluted peppermint oil topically. For fevers, you can make a mist or dilute it with your favorite carrier. Either way, you won’t want to be without peppermint oil.

Frankincense: frankincense is used for fine lines, relaxation, meditation, and inflammation.  I often use Frankincense Serrata (Indian Frankincense).  Try adding a drop to your favorite natural serum or skin cream, and diffusing five drops  when you need to clear your mind.

Citrus Oils (lemon, lime, orange):  I love citrus oils. They are emotionally uplifiting, and make great air fresheners. Citrus oils also have a way of enhancing and lightening the scents of stronger oils. I love adding citrus oils when diffusing frankincense and cedarwood. Citrus oils also blend wonderfully with mint essential oils. If you’re in a low mood, try diffusing 10 drops of your favorite citrus oil!

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