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This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

I grew up an artistic introvert in an avid sports town.  People would go ballistic on game days. Sometimes this meant I’d witness our local team’s more intense fans driving past our house, shirtless with their car windows down in 20 degree weather, their upper bodies covered only by paint reflecting their team’s colors. They’d be yelling, and on occasion, this progressed into actual rioting. I was terrified by all of it, and also confused as to why anyone would be so reactive to a group of strangers wins or losses. This subject has come up because Superbowl Sunday is nearing.


As a teen, I’d attend Superbowl Parties in fear I’d seem rude if I’d rejected the invite and stayed home. Now that I’m grown, I’m more comfortable with the fact that my interests lie somewhere far removed from a living room where everyone is boozing, shouting, and offering me food that looks as as though it came from a pig’s trough.


My husband, while a far cry from the people I described earlier, enjoys football and has a tradition of watching the Superbowl. I don’t want to bother him, nor do I want to watch the game. This leaves me wondering, “What am I to do on Superbowl Sunday?”

I know I’m not alone here, that there are girlfriends, wives, and perhaps even a few men out there  who’d rather be elsewhere when the game begins. With folks like us in mind, I’ve compiled a list of other options. All of which would work solo or with a friend.

Get Out!
Weather permitting the Superbowl Sunday is the perfect time to spend some time  in nature. Depending on where you live this could mean a  solo beach day, a long hike, or bringing a blanket and a good book to your local park for a marathon reading session. Speaking of marathons…

Chick Flick.

I’ve you’ve more than one television in the house. Superbowl Sunday can become an opportunity to watch what my love likes to refer to as my “girly movies”. You may also choose to binge watch reruns of that series you were into. You know, the one that your significant other despised (Why am I flashing back to “Desperate Housewives”? I don’t care what my husband says; that was an excellent show and I miss you, Susan).
Cookie Bowl Sunday!
Maybe that doesn’t exactly have the ring to it I was hoping for, but the most fun I’ve ever had on Superbowl Sunday was the year I had a friend over and we baked cookies and talked for hours. Plus, who doesn’t love cookies?

Do it Yourself
That messy time consuming DIY protect you’ve been putting off? Well, you’ve got most of the day to yourself so gather your supplies and whip up that craft or beauty recipe you’ve been dying to try.

Spa-aaaah Yes!
Can you tell I love going to the spa? Whether this means booking a full day of luxury at the top spa in town, or finding the best Groupon deal and get that mani-pedi you so desperately need, Superbowl Sunday can be an opportunity to indulge yourself.

Listen up.
Who else has an Audible subscription? I love audible and it’s wonderful selection. There’s truly something for everyone. If you immerse yourself into a hot bath at kick-off, then settle into your chosen audiobook with your favorite blanket and a mug of herbal tea, the game will be over before you know it…until next year, that is.


Do you like these suggestions? Have you any valuable contributions to add to my list?


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