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Tomato Bisque, and a Love Letter (to Our Vitamix)…

Every vegetarian should have a Vitamix. Scratch that. Everyone should have a Vitamix, especially vegetarians.

I’d always wanted one as a kid, but somewhere along the lines had forgotten all about it until I noticed  it on sale in Costco. They had a Vitamix representative making various recipes and giving out samples to the customers. After he’d  fed me homemade tortilla soup followed by banana ice cream, both of which were prepared right in the blender, I  decided the Vitamix was a must have!

Shortly thereafter, my parents called to tell me they were getting us a Vitamix for Christmas.  You’d have thought I’d won the lottery. “Oh my God, really?!” I exclaimed. My husband expressed appreciation, but mainly saw it as a gift for me. Little did he know he’d soon find himself swept up by the magic of the Vitamix (by which I mean he’d frequently  be making smoothies with it)!

As soon as the check they sent arrived, I cashed it and headed to Costco to pick up our Vitamix. During this time I may or may not have taken pictures of it in the cart as if it were a newborn baby.

The first thing I made was soup (of course). I adapted this recipe from one I found online a while back, turning  it into whole foods, non-dairy recipe. This soup is quite filling, especially when served with a bit of bread on the side.


Tomato Bisque (makes two servings, but can easily be doubled)

7 small Greenhouse Tomatoes
1/2 small onion
1c water
2 tbs. Cashews ( raw and unsalted- if you only  have salted just don’t add the salt below.)
2 cloves Garlic
1 tsp. Oregano

3/4  tsp Salt
Lemon Pepper

Place into your blender: the tomatoes, onion, water, cashews, garlic, oregano, and salt.

Turn the blender up to its highest setting.

Blend for five minutes  (remember we’re creaming the cashews and cooking the soup right in the blender). During this time, the color of the soup will deepen as the tomatoes cook.

Carefully remove the lid. The soup will be steaming.

Pour into two soup cups, add lemon pepper and chives to taste. Serve with a warm baguette.


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