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Indigo Child

Alright right, so I’m not actually an indigo child, but I do love indigo and henna hair color. Sure it’s messy, but that’s half the fun. If you must  be a princess about it, Surya  makes a pre-mixed cream which is easier to apply, but it’s also more costly and a bit less fun. What I love about henna, it’s literally a plant that’s been powdered for my hair coloring convenience. It also makes my hair shiny. This project uses Light Mountain  Henna, which costs about six dollars and includes gloves and a hair cap. My hair falls several inches below my shoulders, and I get two color treatments from each box. Using a different brand,you’ll need to purchase your own gloves and shower cap.

Don’t worry, your hair won’t turn this color.


A few things to know before we get started:

If using a red or blonde shade, those take  hours to cure, so mix it up the day before.

If using indigo henna or other shades of brunette, those cure within 10 minutes!

Nothing metal is to be used during this process. It can react with the henna plant and produce undesirable results.

Begin with brushed,washed, towel dried hair that’s free of product.

Henna takes several hours  to color hair so put in  a good movie, grab a book,or call a friend. If those suggestions don’t appeal to you do as I used to do when under the salon dryer: read magazines that  encourage promiscuity in an oddly graphic manner (Cosmo, I’m talking to you), wonder if anyone you know engages in such things, and laugh to yourself.

If you plan on using chemical processes   after a henna treatment, allow a waiting period of  four weeks, or until the henna noticeably faded. Henna creates a protective layer around the cuticle and will block the chemical treatment from entering the cortex to change the color or shape of your hair.

You’re not really supposed to leave henna in overnight. In spite of having hyper-sensitive skin,I’ve done this with no problems, and find it makes the color more intense.

Henna will enhance or darken your hair. It will even color grey. Henna will not lighten your hair. If you’re a brunette dreaming of golden locks, you’re going to need a good hairdresser.

The only ingredients in henna should be henna, other plants, and indigo if you’re going dark.

This mixture is enough for two uses, just stick the leftover henna  in the freezer, and defrost before your next treatment . You’re also free to half the recipe if you choose.

If you want more intense color you may repeat this process at any time. The henna will not harm your hair.

Let’s get started!


You’ll need:
* 1 1/2c distilled water (unless you have soft water)
*1 package Light Mountain Henna

* Glass ,plastic, or silicone bowl
*silicone spatula or any non metal mixing utensil
*Shea butter or other cream for the hairline (this protects the henna from dying your skin)
*hair bands

Pour the henna powder into a bowl.

Add the hot water

Mix thoroughly until you have what looks like mud and smells like grass (I told you it was fun!)

Note: if you have a funnel or one of those flexible silicone bowls, you may want to pour the henna into an applicator bottle.

Bring the mixture, gloves, shower cap, hair bands, and towel, into the bathroom.

The simplest way to apply the henna is while you’re still in the shower. Wash and towel dry your hair (use my favorite method here: https://simplyserene416.com/2017/03/02/i-tried-it-ditching-shampoo-2/ ) Make sure you’re hair is free of tangles, but don’t use conditioner yet.

I love this part. You and your shower are about to become a muddy mess! Don’t worry when it gets onto your bath fixtures,it rinses right off easily provided it doesn’t sit very long.

Once your hair is saturated with the henna mixture, twist it up and cover your head with the shower cap tightening the cap with a hair band. Wrap your head in a towel to catch any henna drippings.  From here, you’ll want wash your face and body (If you’re a total dirty hippie who hates bathing, I’m begging you to at least wash the important stuff. Your kind always shows up at the health food store and frankly, you stink).

Now we wait! Most people leave the henna in for two hours, whereas I find four to be ideal . I even  sleep in it and get another shower in the morning to rinse it out. Henna takes several minutes under running water to fully rinse out. If you have hard water, let your final rinse be with distilled water. For best results wait 24 hours before washing your hair.

Towel dry and condition or  moisturize your hair. You’re all set. Enjoy your new color. It should last 4-6 weeks!

Now that I have black hair, I feel like I need a gothic name.

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