Dear Diary: 7 Ideas for Journaling

   For many, the image of journaling brings to mind the childhood practice of writing  secrets in  one of those diaries with the tiny lock and key, then hiding it under the mattress in hopes those  secrets would be completely safe. Journaling isn't only for pre-teens or professional writers, but for all ages. Writing our innermost… Continue reading Dear Diary: 7 Ideas for Journaling


Spring Renewal for the Self

  Most of us are well acquainted with the term "spring cleaning".  It brings to mind an array of  chores. Although  I'm definitely a minimalist who likes a clean (fine, near sterile) living space,  I firmly believe  inanimate objects play second string to personal  care. In other words,  we as human beings, should come before… Continue reading Spring Renewal for the Self


5 Practices to Brighten a Stormy Mood

It's wise having a few go to practices to maintain inner peace. If something is bothering you, or your  energy has been drained by your  environment, recharging and rejuvenation are essential. These are some of my favorite practices. I find a well nurtured body and mind better enable me to explore what's going on inside.… Continue reading 5 Practices to Brighten a Stormy Mood


Flower Power 101:Enjoying Nature’s Gift of Essential Oils

 Anyone who knows me, is likely aware of my love for essential oils. I've been using them for over twenty years. I use my oils for eczema, tension headaches, fine lines, mild muscle cramps, scrapes and cuts, sunburn, breathing, mood,  and fever reduction.   My husband used to think essential oils  were "flaky" until I… Continue reading Flower Power 101:Enjoying Nature’s Gift of Essential Oils

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This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

I grew up an artistic introvert in an avid sports town.  People would go ballistic on game days. Sometimes this meant I'd witness our local team's more intense fans driving past our house, shirtless with their car windows down in 20 degree weather, their upper bodies covered only by paint reflecting their team's colors. They'd… Continue reading This One’s For the Girls…Who Hate Football!

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Finding Balanced Boundaries

In many instances,  I've found myself at the receiving end of conversations that go something like this,"(Enter name) treats me terribly. I have crushing anxiety when I have to be around her!" When I inquire if there's an actual reason they have to be around this person, and ask if they've ever confronted the situation,… Continue reading Finding Balanced Boundaries


Pancakes for the Plant Based (Or anyone, really!)

In my world, pancakes are appropriate fare for any meal including dessert. The downside is that most pancakes are loaded with oil and sugar, but low on nutritional value, fiber, and protein. Most pancakes zap my energy and leave me hungry an hour later in spite of their high caloric content. I created this recipe… Continue reading Pancakes for the Plant Based (Or anyone, really!)